Ene 13
Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck
you hurt your leg, well DILLIGAF
ayon kay Vince ika-03 ng Marso, 2004
Ene 12
Just Kidding!
you ugly as a troll in the morning. jk'in ya just jk'n ya!!
ayon kay catie H ika-11 ng Disyembre, 2003
Ene 11
Bringing personal work to the office: paying bills, playing games and reading online newspapers on company time (OCT).
ayon kay C.J.Matrix ika-09 ng Setyembre, 2003
Ene 10
When it's time to go,you yell "Church on the move"-- everyone you're with knows to leave the location.
Snoop Dogg-- when you're at the club and its time to bounce you yell "Church on the move" and everyone knows its time to get up outta there!
ayon kay sarah Mc ika-16 ng Disyembre, 2007
Ene 9
To turn off any device that people can reach you with (cell phone, two-way, computer, home phone, morse code, etc.) in order to avoid someone.
Megan is blacking out Brent because he was acting like a dick. She don't play that!
ayon kay Magno Jimenez ika-17 ng Disyembre, 2007
Ene 8
An abbreviation for "seriously".
Dinosaurs are srsly scene.

You should srsly get your act together.
ayon kay Dick_Cheney ika-06 ng Oktubre, 2006
Ene 7
Nekkid is not simply being without clothing--It means you are gettin' nekkid for mischevious purposes. Naked is natural; nekkid is naughty.
"Come over quick, Shirley! I'm getting nekkid!"
ayon kay JamiSpoon ika-24 ng Mayo, 2003
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