Hul 31
a party, held in honor of an ill individual expected to die soon, often a family member
My mother in law has lung cancer so we held a pre-wake with all her family members from around the country.
ayon kay timmy t ika-29 ng Hulyo, 2015
Hul 30
Fear of being away from a mobile phone.
That guy has serious nomophobia.
ayon kay S. Dawg ika-31 ng Marso, 2008
Hul 28
Verb: The act of last minute screaming planning action that does not divert panic
she began planicking as the blue line edged across her pregnancy test.
ayon kay Portable Chaoz ika-23 ng Hulyo, 2015
Hul 27
Blazin' it in the daytime.
Hey bro, wanna roll a fat one and get day hazed?
ayon kay FOG ika-23 ng Hulyo, 2015
Hul 26
Let life go by or pass on by
"You haven't heard this song? Everybody know this song, bro you sleep on life."
ayon kay TSHH ika-23 ng Hulyo, 2015
Hul 25
Talking shit over social media (twitter,Instagram) or talking shit to somebody else without the person they are taking about knowing.
Boy-William stay talkin shit on ig
Girl-he lip boxing
ayon kay Dmv niggah ika-23 ng Hulyo, 2015
Hul 24
Waiting to leave the bathroom as to avoid any contact with people in in stalls next to you.
"Dude I did some Bathroom Stalling because The gut next to me ripped a big one. I couldn't stand to look him in the eye."
ayon kay dumbwhiteguy ika-23 ng Hulyo, 2015
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