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65 definitions by :)

1. The Binge Drinker
2. Hates America
3. Loves Gym
4. America Sucks Again
5. Loves to cook,but not to eat
6. Hates Kirills House
7. Waterholic
8. Saves Conversations on computer
9. Weird Russian Rapper
10. Loves Oreos
11. Uhaha
If you fall under any of these categories your a ksusha
ayon kay :) ika-25 ng Enero, 2005
19 33
A guy who depends on his mom and is super scared of everything.
"He's scared of FLOWERS?! Wow, that guy is such a momma's boy."
ayon kay :) ika-22 ng Mayo, 2004
81 97
Operating System. Some are designed to be available to everyone (Linux :).
Some are designed to take your money (Windoes :().
# Examples of OSes #
Free/Open BSD
MacOs X
ayon kay :) ika-05 ng Pebrero, 2005
18 36
a tv channel that should be towards pregnant women, fags, sarah singer, and sad people.
sarah singers favorite tv channel
ayon kay :) ika-06 ng Setyembre, 2003
40 62
noun - groupie, fan, follower, dick rida, etc..
Someone that is hanging on your every word.. "Tell this aficionado ta hop off my dick"
ayon kay :) ika-11 ng Mayo, 2003
25 49
A happy outgoing cow-hating bot whos better than nazbot (see nazbot definition)
A happy outgoing cow-hating bot whos better than nazbot
ayon kay :) ika-16 ng Disyembre, 2003
3 32
nub=newb,noob ect. A good way to explain retarded people who blow a the game.
NUB: ROFLZOR!1! GG ...........PWNT!!!!!!!!! You: HAH STUPID NUB PLS CRY
ayon kay :) ika-14 ng Pebrero, 2005
4 34