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when you walk into a party with a case of natural ice the first thing that is said is "Natta Boy"
Greg: hey guys I got some natty
Jeff: Man that shit sucks..
Greg: hey the shit gets ya drunk
Jeff: true... Natta Boy
#natty #natural ice #natty ice #natty lite #natta girl #natural lite
ayon kay Billy Masila ika-23 ng Enero, 2009
when you are so totaly wasted that you aimlessly wonder around outside and wakeup the next morning in a ditch.
Fozzard: dude did you see bewley last night
Masila: yea that bitch was ditch drunk
Fozzard: I know he's outside in that ditch
#bewley #fozzard #masila #drunk #beer #drugs
ayon kay Billy Masila ika-28 ng Enero, 2009
Dolphin that is land based
man that guys a matt meola
#dolphin #flipper #blow hole #flippity #mc flippity
ayon kay Billy Masila ika-27 ng Agosto, 2008
That kid at the party that is kinda quiet but when the drinking games begin he tanks them along with a masila.
Bewley: dang I diddnt know that guy was a fozzard.

Masila: yea me either
#masila #bewley #party #drunk #ditch drunk #beer
ayon kay Billy Masila ika-15 ng Pebrero, 2009
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