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Not big enough for a party, but not small enough for a gathering. Alcohol must be consumed and music must be played for it to be considered a pathering.
ayon kay BROIS ika-24 ng Setyembre, 2012
To be extremely drunk, high or a mixture of both - the inevitable fate of those whose livers survive the ten year period of White Girl Wastedness. The excessive drinking has damaged not only their internal organs but also their appearance and psyche.
"Look at her - she's White Girl Wasted!"
"Nah, mate, she's well over 27 - Old Slapper Wasted for sure!"
ayon kay Brois ika-16 ng Mayo, 2014
verb. 'To Hedge' - to move as if making one's way through a hedge, parting branches and stopping occasionally to disentangle foliage from one's toupé. Must include suitable arm motions.
Frank Bryce hedged his way across the dance floor like a proper hedger.
ayon kay Brois ika-16 ng Mayo, 2014
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