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3 definitions by Commander Clark

A person who has been sucked into the consumerist network of the iTunes app store, and obsessively downloads. It's fun, but you realize there's no escape, soon after you're sucked in.

P.S. I am an app junkie
Guy: Look at my phone, dude! I got ten new apps last night! Whoot!

Joe: He's an app junkie, that's for sure.
ayon kay Commander Clark ika-18 ng Nobyembre, 2009
7 1
A large, forceful, sweeping kick at roughly 45 degrees. Used to kick a door down.
Person: That riot kick shattered my ribcage :(
ayon kay Commander Clark ika-01 ng Oktubre, 2009
2 1
A High-Tech tactical weapon invented in England. It is displayed on the television show "Future Weapons".

Guy 1: What was that?

Guy 2: The Gate Crasher.
ayon kay Commander Clark ika-01 ng Oktubre, 2009
4 3