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47 definitions by Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada

superior dismissal of yet-another-minor-celebrity or other name unknown to you.

Can use for both females and males(adds an extra degree of dismissiveness when referring to an obviously male name)
Jane: You hear what Joe Biden's been doing as Obama's veep?

John: Joe Biden? Never heard of the bitch!

Jane: ouch!
ayon kay Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada ika-08 ng Mayo, 2010
5 2
An especially small penis, often leading to overcompensation by sportscar.
Her: who are you going to satisfy with that tiny thing?
Him: Me, bitch, now lie down!

Sheila really regretted dating a guy with a corvette penis
ayon kay cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada ika-29 ng Hunyo, 2013
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euphemistic way of saying bitch
Can also say "rhymes with witch"
Fight between 2 polite Christian girls.
1) Oh yeah? Well you're a stupid rhymes with rich!
2) fuck you, too, rhymes with runt!
ayon kay Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada ika-06 ng Disyembre, 2011
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1. mocking reference to the two popular social networking sites (Facebook & Myspace)
2. double entendre with meaning-1, but also meaning vagina
1. Wanna go chat on facespace?
2. Dude, the only facespace for me is your girlfriend's cunt!
ayon kay Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada ika-28 ng Abril, 2011
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little popping farts while a person is walking, very common in old deaf people
aka popcorn farts
Grandson: Nah, it's just Grandma & her walkin farts
ayon kay Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada ika-20 ng Oktubre, 2010
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acronym standing for "Fucking Ridiculous Electronic Device" (usually any computer or computer part that's pissng you off!)
How was your day at work?
The stupid temporary FRED they stuck me with for my login terminal kept going down all day!
ayon kay Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada ika-06 ng Pebrero, 2010
15 13
clothing worn by African-Americans, also known as "urban" fashion. . .
FUBU is the most well-known brand of niggerwear
ayon kay cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada ika-15 ng Hunyo, 2013
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