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4 definitions by Double-O-Denim

The working man's leather.
Denim is my high class garment material.
ayon kay Double-O-Denim ika-25 ng Marso, 2004
verb, or verb-descriptive noun

To pass solid waste whilst positioned at a 90 degree orientation (vertical axis) to the accepted normal for the aforementioned activity.

To take a dump sideways.
1) I caught brian on film taking a shideways.

2) BRB: shideways
ayon kay Double-O-Denim ika-15 ng Marso, 2004
Street pronounciation of bligger.
Hey Charles, did you notice nigga rhymes with bligga? That means "That nigga is a bligga" sounds way cooler! Anyways, back to cruising in my Escalade.
ayon kay Double-O-Denim ika-15 ng Marso, 2004
A word used to describe a african-american black person ("nigger") who possesses the quality of bling.
Damn nigga, check out that bligger rollin' in his Escalade!
ayon kay Double-O-Denim ika-14 ng Marso, 2004