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3 definitions by E Cartman

Brookers is the funniest girl on youtube.
She is always dancing and she likes to eat paste.
Did you see the new video from Brookers on youtube.
ayon kay e cartman ika-07 ng Oktubre, 2006
83 69
1) Adjective describing people who talk with their eyes closed and like the smell of their own farts.
2) Adjective describing people who always brag about their hybrid car.
3) the gas produced by smug people
Kyle's dad started emitting smug everywhere he went after he bought a hybrid car.
ayon kay E Cartman ika-30 ng Setyembre, 2006
150 147
abbreviation for Video Clip Blog
People like to watch to watch the V-clog from Brookers on Youtube.
ayon kay e cartman ika-06 ng Oktubre, 2006
3 6