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4 definitions by Edgar Alan Pooh


The emoticon to describe utter shock and horror. Officially codified for all time into gif format for fora use by Visigothan.
User2189> I just fucked my mom
User2314> D:
User1893> D:
ayon kay Edgar Alan Pooh ika-19 ng Abril, 2004
To attempt to portay one's self to the world as more goth like than Siousxe and Robert Smith's love child.
"You are more goth than All the guys in Sisters Of Mercy you are Visigothan."
ayon kay Edgar Alan Pooh ika-22 ng Agosto, 2003
One who shoots furries for fun, regardless of profit or sexually deviant pleasured derived.
Me: Have you seen RatStomper?

Some Guy: Yeah he's busy killing furries....and stuff.
ayon kay Edgar Alan Pooh ika-17 ng Nobyembre, 2004
1) One bad ass ninja mother fuc-


Thas right.....

2) One who hangs from rafters drinking green tea.
1) Don't make me go all Gendou on yo ass.

2) "Oh I know Bob...isn't he a Gendou?"
ayon kay Edgar Alan Pooh ika-22 ng Agosto, 2003