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7 definitions by Harry Hanson

Pronounciation: ah-kwa-sex or ah-kwuh-sex

Root: from the words "aqua," more commonly known as "water," and "sex," in the most plain form of the word, meaning "intercourse."

Meaning: When two or more individuals engage in dry humping while in, or under water. Due to their presence in water, the dry humping is no longer dry, therefore it needs a new term, and that being: aquasex.
Mari and I hopped into the pool, and as we bumped and grinded underwater, she exclaimed, "I LOVE HAVING AQUASEX WITH YOU!!"
ayon kay Harry Hanson ika-12 ng Setyembre, 2005
Meaning: cool,awesome, weird, wonderful, or any like words. An expression or exclamation of greatness.
Check out that lime green raincoat! It´s totally space tits!
ayon kay Harry Hanson ika-12 ng Setyembre, 2005

Root: Derived from the words 'frump,' meaning 'very plain and unfashionable' and 'monster,' meaning 'a grotesque beast.'

Definition: A person, usually a female, who is excessively frumpy and gross. (i.e.: wears out of date fashions, very homely, clothes don't fit her well, doesn't know what looks good and what doesn't, shops at Wal*Mart, etc...)
Look at that nasty girl over there, she's such a frumpmonster with her stirrup-pants and old sweatshirt!
ayon kay Harry Hanson ika-29 ng Marso, 2005
Jewtentacles, or 'jewtents' as it is known by some of its members, is a community on the popular blogging site livejournal which is both a rating community and a place for talking shit about other livejournal and myspace users. There are disucussions about SIFs, uglies, fatties, fupas and other generally unattractive characteristics of livejournal users.

This elitest community allows a very select few to even apply, and an even smaller amount are accepted. All things within the community are very confidential, and most of the members are friends.

The members of Jewtentalces are also known for 'invading' other, less-selective rating communities, with a high percentage of people they deem 'ugly.' These 'invasions' take place over a week or so, in which all members will apply, and due to their attractive nature, will all be accepted. Then, the ugly members are challenged out and plenty of 'LJ drama' is started. The result of these invasions is oftentimes the closing of the community.
I heard that in jewtentacles they were all talking about how saggy and nasty that one girl's tits are!
ayon kay Harry Hanson ika-20 ng Pebrero, 2006
'Unisexy,' a word which combines/overlaps the two words 'unisex' and 'sexy' is used in reference to a person (biologically a man or a woman- it doesn't matter) who is attractive (sexy) as either a male OR female.

Very few people actually fall into this category of attractiveness, and it is rare that one gets to see what another looks like as both a man AND a woman, but the word definitely does have practical uses.
Wow, Jimmy is such a cute boy, but if you put a wig and lipstick on him he'd be totally hot! Jimmy is unisexy!
ayon kay Harry Hanson ika-28 ng Enero, 2006
ay-bop-shun (noun)
Roots: Abortion/Adoption

In which, one has an abortion, and then sells the fetus for adoption.
Did you hear that Claire had an aboption? She sold it on eBay.
ayon kay Harry Hanson ika-08 ng Hulyo, 2006
Pronounciation: may·truh·sex

Root: Derived from "the Matrix," as in the movie, and the word "sex," in the most plain sense of the word, meaning "intercourse".

Meaning: When two or more individuals engage in sexual intercourse, or dry humping while hanging, or suspended in midair.
Dani and Harry had matrisex after the scaled the wall, only stayed suspended by the tension between their hands and the walls.
ayon kay Harry Hanson ika-12 ng Setyembre, 2005