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1. The disease caused by over exposure to a 12 Step program.
2. Often associated with a Repetitive Slogan Syndrome, causing people to use a slogan instead of a thought process.
3. Usually accompanied by a superiority grin in an attempt to act smart.
1. Bill joined AA and quickly became afflicted with steppism, answering every question with a slogan.
2. Lois, Bill's wife noticed that she could not talk to her husband unless it was in a slogan and was afraid he had become a victim of advanced steppism.
ayon kay JR Harris ika-22 ng Abril, 2011
The common example used in Alcoholic Anonymous meetings to describe what you can pick to be your Higher Power.
Alcoholics Anonymous is spiritual, not religious. You can pick anything you want to be your higher power, even a door knob.
ayon kay JR Harris ika-13 ng Marso, 2011
(new·cum·er) noun
1. A new person to an AA meeting.
2. Vulnerable person who is new to a group.
3. Someone preyed upon by old timers.
4. Easy target for thieves, rapists and murderers.
1. Jane was a newcomer at the nightly AA meeting, and was quickly hit on by Bill W.
2. Being a newcomer to Alcoholics Anonymous, Jane choose a door knob as a higher power and Bill W. as her sponsor.
ayon kay JR Harris ika-31 ng Marso, 2011

1. An object that controls the destiny of those who have choosen it.
2. A spiritual fixation with an inanimate object.
3. Something that an AA member chooses to pray to while doing the 12 Steps.
When going to AA Jane choose a door knob to be her Higher Power, because she was told she could pick anything.

Charlie Sheen knew that something was wrong with AA when they suggested that he use a door knob as a Higher Power to pray to.

Bill was glad that he choose a door knob in AA to be a Higher Power for his spiritual experience, he was reminded of it every time he opened the door to the bathroom.
ayon kay JR Harris ika-03 ng Abril, 2011
1. A member of Alcoholics Anonymous who takes the Spirituality in the brotherhood of AA very seriously.

2. A member of AA who carries the Big Book with him for constant reference.

3. A person overly obsessed with the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of AA.
1. Bill has been in AA for over 20 years, he has become a Big Book Thumper and quotes from it every chance he gets.

2. Mary was a sponcee of Bill, the Big Book Thumper. She could not do anything without Bill quoting something to her from the AA bible he carried.
ayon kay JR Harris ika-30 ng Marso, 2011
The term used to describe the process of curing a sickness by belief in a god instead of using scientific methods. This technique requires the belief that a miracle will happen.
1. Bill was relying on faith healing to cure his cancer when he went to the religious tent revival. He had given up regular medical treatment against the advice of his doctor.

2. Bob had given his problem of alcoholism to a higher power and was now relying on the spiritual faith healing of alcoholics anonymous to save him.
ayon kay JR Harris ika-17 ng Marso, 2011
1. One of the side effects of an advertising or 12 Step program.
2. Causes the people use a slogan instead of a thought process when talking to other people.
3. A very annoying trait.
4. Leads to a disease called steppism.
1. I can not stand all of this advertising going on. Someone starts a slogan, it catches on, and the next thing you know everyone has a repetitive slogan syndrome.
2. I went to an AA meeting last night and all of the steppers had repetitive slogan syndrome. I felt like I was at an advertising convention for Bill W.
ayon kay JR Harris ika-22 ng Abril, 2011

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