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Metallica's 9th studio album and a damn good example that they hadn't totally forgot where they came from. I was surprised at the thrash orientation in had, some thing that hadn't done since the 20 years span from "...And Justice For All". It mixed some stuff from the 90's alternative rock and hard rock type of stuff (can't tell me the video for "The Memory Remains wasn't on some level maybe inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins lol) with some of the good old 80's thrash metal brutality they started with.

A good mix of old and new to give a certain level of satisfaction to multiple camps of fans of Metallica and metal music fans alike. Some of the lyrics admittedly are a bit below what the 80's era had given us, but let's admit to one undeniable truth. It's definitely an improvement and step in the right direction.
Death Magnetic is proof that the greatest selling heavy metal act of all time still has their steam! :D
ayon kay Jack694 ika-06 ng Disyembre, 2009
A word I've been accustomed to since age 11.

It's a real thing and can be beneficial and allowing the "aspie" to think in a different way beneficial to everyone to break up the demon of monotonous conformity which is deemed by the collective human opinion as dangerous! lol

But at times, it can indeed be rather crippling to the individual who has it.


1) I have a stereotypy of rapidly shaking my right leg up on the front of the foot at machinegun speed and I have occassional weird finger twitching in response to a sensory experience deemed strange/weird or unpleasant or when making a point.

2) I have problems with eye contact.

3) Social anxiety is common when trying to do some things.

4) Depression is common from dealing with having a hard time dealing with surroundings and change.

5) Verbose, pedantic, and idiosyncratic language. I was always know for having a wide vocabulary.

6) We tend often to be more on logic.

7) We also tend to think in pictures.

8) Preoccupation with a subject of interest, ranging from the practical to the esoteric. It can be virtually anything.

It's a real thing that can range from being hard to deal with to a definite aid to add onto societies even if we are sometimes on that edge.

But be aware that the depictions and displays of those of with AS are often exaggerated. We're not all geniuses as the IQ level of us often ranges from average to above average. But we can provide a refreshing look on things.
I have Asperger's Syndrome! I know it! I love it! I'm proud of it! And damn anyone who plans to eliminate it as a diagnosis or category! And I would have made a longer explanation but the damn 1500 character limit on the explanation killed that! lol
ayon kay Jack694 ika-06 ng Disyembre, 2009
1. A guy being an often overly blatant, annoying, aggressive, belligerent, and/or rude human being based on some level in masculine dominance or behavior or what may be seen by some as such. They range in styles from stealthiness/backstabbing to in your face, the physically challenging to verbally or emotionally challenging, etc. They come in many flavors, but what they have in common is being contemptible or undesirable pieces of shit that deserve a punch in the balls. Also known as an ass, asshole, jackass, prick, dick, jagoff, jackoff, dipshit, shit for brains, and sometimes chauvanist.

2. A guy who likes the attention and the admiration of women, using his sex appeal to get the attention of women, which often being that most men have their brains down there, acts as a metaphorical compass for the best piece of pie they can get.

Essentially men in fighting with one another are subtly competing to see who has the bigger dick or in the latter, using their eyes and it to what a lot of them really want.

I partially derived this from the late and great stand-up genius known as George Carlin who said something along the lines to the effect of "War is just a bunch of men standing around in a battlefield waving their pricks around!"
1. Man, I don't give a shit about that damn dick waver in the UFC show on Spike TV thinking he's so damn special! I'm turning this shit off!

2. Look at the dick waver thinking he's something! Just configuring his phallic guide to the next woman!
ayon kay Jack694 ika-05 ng Disyembre, 2009
An imported breakfast cereal coming from England, but designed in Australia, specifically as revenge for the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 in a subtle sneak attack by those underhanded tea drinkers!

Essentially looking and tasting IMO like cornflakes and caked together in like the bricks you'll be laying or rather pardon me... the big brown niagra falls that will be trickling down your legs within hours of consumption, you're spastic talking starfish will say an ass prayer to the porcelain god, soon to be porcelain menace, in the attempt to expunge the evil from your body.

Clever, but not unknown as a fact that it alongside Dulcolax, Senekots, White Castle "slider" hamburgers, Red Lobster crab cakes, fiber tablets, Fiber One Bars, Fiber One Yogurt, prune juice, or half my mother's cooking will be 100% garaunteed to blow your brown eye out of commission!
Goddammit Arthur, why the fuck of all the things you're country gave us it had to be weetabix? More like shit-a-brix
ayon kay Jack694 ika-05 ng Disyembre, 2009
1. A term I've made to describe IRL or depictions of women perceivable as not only announcing their gender but also having to shove it all up in your face in one way or another, even if it may not be necessary.

Some may call it "I am woman, hear me roar" but to some people like me it can be annoying, if not as I see it on TV cheesy, and not always necessary since not everybody cares what you actually are and that you're just a person like anyone else.

Basically being either a more hardcore determined or alpha female of a sorts. Depending on personality/presentation and how they are perceived by others they may be called a bitch, HBIC, diva, etc.

2. A noticeably purposefully flirtatious woman who uses her physical attributes and/or charm to bag a guy or at the very least the psychological stimulation of knowing men want them, in a myriad of ways for a number of reasons. Some men would call them a cocktease, attention whore, slut, skank, whore, ho, etc.

Don't mean to be offensive, but I'm blunt! lol
1. Holy shit in hand bag, what is that woman's fucking problem? She doesn't have to be an HBIC and I don't care if she's a woman! Yet another one of these aggressive pussy wavers!

2. Oh come on! You see that cocktease standing over there in those jeans, booty popping out with a thong showing and that open shirt showing off her titmissles, all smiling at me and doing that little sexy walk? She's the biggest pussy waver here!
ayon kay Jack694 ika-04 ng Disyembre, 2009
Another word for the untamed denizens of wildly unmoderated websites like Topix.net (see African American section), 4chan.org, and half the blogs noone really give a shit about where people freely air their stupidities
Not temp b& AGAIN! Fuck this is the fourth time of epic faggotry I've dealt with those goddamn /b/tarded mods!
ayon kay Jack694 ika-06 ng Disyembre, 2009
A term affectionately passed down to me from an online friend from a friend of hers to refer to male masturbation.

Likely best when you got a fatty your damn drawers can't hold.
Goddammit mom! Can't you see this is my living room and I'm busy waxing the walrus?!
ayon kay Jack694 ika-05 ng Disyembre, 2009
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