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163 definitions by Jamie

If one were to break into your car, then instead of an alarm, a metal claw grabs the person by the balls, and mostlikey hurts like shit; don't fuck with the persons car if they say they have one.-jamie
the man tried to steal my car, and my denver jock strap ripped his nuts off
ayon kay jamie ika-10 ng Oktubre, 2004
a fat motherfucker who won't shut the hell up.
"I hate that Moofo! She think she so cool when all she does is just take up space!"
ayon kay Jamie ika-24 ng Abril, 2005
A particularly unpleasant person who your don't wont to swear at.
You complete and utter barstool.
ayon kay Jamie ika-03 ng Abril, 2004
a woman's breats that are sagging
She takes her bra off and her titties goffer the floor.
ayon kay Jamie ika-20 ng Mayo, 2003
noun. An act by an individual, whether deliberate or inadvertent, that will most likely limit one's upward career potential.
John's coffee room chatter criticizing the company was overheard by upper management and quickly became a career limiting maneuver.
ayon kay Jamie ika-13 ng Agosto, 2004
A person who thinks that they're fluent in Japanese when they only know four words.
ayon kay Jamie ika-28 ng Marso, 2004
hiding place for many stoners including me n nobby!!!!
Nobby: let's go to the dell
J: to do what?
Nobby: smoke weed?
J: ok, kl!!!!!
ayon kay Jamie ika-20 ng Enero, 2005