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1. A sound made commonly by one who is pleased by shiney objects and believes that the film "Deliverance" is a good ole' fashioned romantic-comedy.
2. Sarcastic, pseudo-obtuse laugh given by an individual when they find something is
A.) not really all that humorous.
B.) a little funny, but wish to cover up any trace of that fact and therefore side-step any shame associated with it.
C.) worth annoying their friends by following it with this silly, silly noise.
3. A universal taunt
1. When Bobby Joe found himself a nickle he done said, "Hurhurhur! Now that's Ah's can 'ford some bait...Ah'ma gonna take me Cousin Elle out fer a hot fishin'-kissin' date too-naght!!!Hurhurhur!!!"
A. BioDome was hilarious! Hurhurhur!
B. Yeah...Hurhurhur...Biodome...
C. Tim: "I rented Biodome"
Rob: "Biodome? Hurhurhur!"
3. This is you, "Hurhurhur!" you suck!
ayon kay Mcaffy ika-25 ng Marso, 2004
A compact, condensed version of "I don't care", more commonly used among those who ironically "don't care".
When asked where she wanted to go for dinner, Goth Girl Jane replied "uncur".
ayon kay McAffy ika-24 ng Marso, 2004
1. A team of four super cool musicians that entrance many a club patron with thier awesome new wave sound
2. A team of four pilots of their own respective craft, each representing an animal of some nature. All of which combine, when that power is called upon, to form the amazing JARTron... a mech who's power is so great,
even conceiving that it has limits is utter blastphemy
3. 1 and 2 are not related...or are they?
4. A word used to describe something that is simply too awesome for words.
1. JART showed off it's rightous thrashing skills at the club last evening.
2. When the world was faced with an unspeakable peril, JART arrived and kicked peril in it's appropriate "peril kicking" places.
3. JART the band is not JART the ultra super science ninja team that protects Earth from city-smashing-monsters(tm) by wielding giant animal robots that form a super robot of unstoppable power...or are they?
4. Man....JART is just....JART!
ayon kay Mcaffy ika-25 ng Marso, 2004
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