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a Verb.... i think
1.To fix or create anything with something totaly outragoues and unrelated.

2. To virtualy have no job and have crazy dangerous adventures.
For example..... create a bomb out of fertilizer, a car seat and tape. Fix a car with a rubber band, soda bottle, and gum.

Guy 1: dude my car broke down on the highway.....
Guy 2: what did you do?
Guy 1: I mcguyverd that bitch with shoe string and glue.
Guy 2: *tear* Mcguyver would be proud.... if he was real.....
ayon kay Met Sympathizer ika-13 ng Pebrero, 2006
The Proud mascot of the New York City Metropolitans. An extrememely popular baseball mascot seen in commercials, T.V shows and Movies. There is rumored to be a movie based on Mr.Mets life. From his tragic upbringing as a piece of raw hide... to his beginings in baseball as being a batting practice ball... to his eventual succes as being the most loveable mascot figure around. Comming in May 2006... "A Dance ontop of the dugout" Rated R
Guy 1: Mr. Met should take a bat to Jeters knee cap...
Guy 2: i totaly agree....

Dude: That Mr.Met movie so rocked.... especially when Mr.Met would turn green and start beating the shit outta everyone...
Dudette: Umm, I think Your thinking of the Hulk...
Dude: o... then what was the Mr.Met movie about
Dudette:when he said "say hello to my little friend" then shot and pissed on steinbreiner...rember? :-)
Dude: o yea!! That was way better than the hulk!

Martin: Mr.Met is my hero, he saved me from a burning building... as in im such a loser that i forgot how to run out of the house to safety.
ayon kay Met Sympathizer ika-23 ng Pebrero, 2006
A scape-goat for the 1986 lost of the Boston Red Sox to the odviously superior New York Metropolitains. Mookie wilson (mets outfeilder)hit a soft easily catchable grounder down the 1st baseline. When to the unhappyness of many Bostonians he let the ball roll through his legs in a blunder that allowed the Mets win the 6th game of the 1986 world series. The Mets would later win the 7Th game and pull a major upset and become World Series Championship.
*my imitation of a boston fan during bill buckner's mistake* "hooooooooly shit what just happened?"



Guy1:dude, how could you pull such a buckner?
Guy2: The ball took a weird hop!
Guy1: dude, dont lie...

"I got it!!, opps.... no i dont..... how could I buckner such a play...."
ayon kay Met Sympathizer ika-13 ng Pebrero, 2006
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