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A prepubescent child with a distinctively high voice that abuses the microphone on any online games, such as Team Fortress 2. This viral species has an incredibly short temper, and talks in its annoying high-pitched voice. Especially when they lose or get angry, their screaming voices are enough to send your eardrums clean to Pluto, back to Earth, back to Pluto again, and then back to Earth. Not only do they talk obnoxiously, but they use the mic for every second of gameplay. Their speech patterns often consist of swears with not much room for anything else. If you're unfortunate enough to meet one, your best bet is to leave the server. Or, do what others do and record footage of the game and then post it on YouTube for a good laugh. Of course, because of their age, they're usually inexperienced noobs, and their contributions to the team's efforts are only detrimental. And of course, their constant bitching makes you lag slower than their tiny brains.
I logged onto a Russian server for TF2 where mostly communists were playing, but there was a squeaker invading the team's efforts. He made me get off the server, so I had to spend the next five minutes getting to another one, only to find that there were three more in the new server! STOP THE SQUEAKER INVASION! THEY DRIVE ME TO SLIT MY NECK AND WRISTS!
ayon kay Practical Problems ika-18 ng Enero, 2014
A savory dish created by Dr. Robotnik from the Sonic the Hedgehog series during the height of his reign. It consists of two tacos as substitutes for bread, with ten more tacos in the center. According to Robotnik in the Sonic for Hire series on YouTube, this is what led to his downfall and sudden increase in obesity, apparently becoming so fat, that he found a mini fridge filled with pepperoni slices in one of his fat flaps. Because of this, supposedly, the best thing an emperor or ruler of any kind can do if they want to stay in power is avoid taco sandwiches like the plague.
Dr. Robotnik had it all- money, fame, power, and then he invented the taco sandwich; two tacos for bread, and in the middle, ten tacos. Before he knew it, he needed Crabmeat to wipe his ass.
ayon kay Practical Problems ika-08 ng Hulyo, 2014
Literally, "dumb head," in German. Used often humorously in English, and can be used in the same context as 'dumbass.' It's an insult that, chances are, not many folks will fully understand. Oh well, who cares? It still is a fun word to say!
Me: So, did you take a look at the newest Family Guy episode?

Idiot Friend: Uh...what?

Me: The new episode, dummkopf!

Idiot Friend: Say what?

Me: (Groans) At least I'm not calling you a schweinhund!

Idiot Friend: Lol, you say funny words.
ayon kay Practical Problems ika-05 ng Marso, 2014
Any one of the six beings forged out of space, time, light, darkness, life, energy, and matter at the start of every universe. They usually serve as mercenaries, assassins for hire, or bounty hunters. The six members are Z, D, P, S, N, and J. Though not humans, they do appear as such. Their godlike powers are virtually unrivaled in all the dimensions. They're pretty damn badass.
Me: Am I the only one that thinks the Dimension Masters are gay? ...No?

My friend: Shut the fuck up, man. They're more badass than the Avengers!

Other friend: They could totally kick Satan's ass any day!

Me: If you say so...
ayon kay Practical Problems ika-19 ng Disyembre, 2013
An ancient group of barbarians that originated from the Ural Mountains in Russia. Along with the Huns, they were the most badass of their kind, eating people alive and burning down village after village without batting an eye, far more intimidating than other barbarians, such as the Goths or Anglo-Saxons. After their ravaging in the ruins of the late Roman Empire, they eventually settled in what is now Hungary. In fact, the Hungarian word for Hungary is Magyarország, and modern-day Hungarians and their language can be called Magyar respectively. The word Hungary comes from Hun and Magyar. If you're Hungarian, you can brag that your ancestors were war-hungry badasses who singlehandedly destroyed what was once the greatest and most dominant power in the world.
My friend is Hungarian, therefore he can also be called a Magyar. His ancestors were Magyars, and some were even Huns. I can call him a Magyar without offending anyone. Magyar is not a slang or offensive term.
ayon kay Practical Problems ika-28 ng Disyembre, 2014
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