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57 definitions by Roy

totally amazing
ayon kay roy ika-11 ng Setyembre, 2003
26 5
Abbreviation of "garments", used to define clothing
I need to buy some new garmz
ayon kay roy ika-29 ng Marso, 2003
25 4
A crap that is so messy it almost needs a whole roll of toilet paper to wipe it off your butt.
That dump I just took was a whole roller.
ayon kay Roy ika-04 ng Pebrero, 2005
20 0
Term used to describe the choreographed moveds used in cult action films (Equilibreum, The Matrix, Swordfish). Often used in John Woo films.
The new John Woo movie has some excellent Gun-Fu sequences
ayon kay Roy ika-02 ng Oktubre, 2003
33 14
the best flippin movie ever made...gosh...what do you think?
hey napolean what did you do last summer....
i was hunting wolverines with my uncle in alaska..god...what do you think?!!1
ayon kay roy ika-17 ng Enero, 2005
97 83
the slow rising phenomenon of a huge fucking bitch, scrawled everywhere around the north-east of england area.
Ted: wow, that's pretty big!
Dave: Yeh, but it's not as big as bells mam
Ted: thats true, i stand corrected
ayon kay roy ika-28 ng Enero, 2005
11 2
From the albinoblacksheep website, used to describe Australia's abstinence from the rest of the world, when ever the rest of the world is going to die.
me. *slap!* (in australia)
billy. wtfm8?(in australia)
ayon kay roy ika-01 ng Disyembre, 2004
9 0