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A once great NFL team that hasn't been able to produce anything in the last twelve years due to their owner Jerry Jones being highly inconsistent. Buying players and coaches on popularity than skill or potential. Just anything that Jerry Jones can put his name on, the reason the team now just a group of people running around instead of being a TEAM. It's fanbase that mainly consists of those who hopped on the bandwagon during their winning years. Who currently still live back in the mid-90's, back when the team saw it's last playoff and superbowl.
Guy: No playoffs again? Dallas Cowboys suck
Typical Fan: At least we have five superbowls
Guy: That was twelve years ago
Fan: We still have five rings
Guy: All the players with those rings have since retired
Guy: Ugh...you're an idiot *walks off*
ayon kay Sprax ika-14 ng Enero, 2009
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