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2 definitions by TheRealNimnod

Pronounced "tss-ot-see". A slang word common to most Southern African languages, a tsotsi is a person who is a rogue, a mischief-maker, a criminal, a bad element.

A synonym is "skelm", pronounced "skel-em", which has its roots in Afrikaans (and thus Dutch).
Parking in this part of town I'm always scared some bloody tsotsi's going to break into my car!
ayon kay TheRealNimnod ika-05 ng Marso, 2009
Pronounced "chip-ee-lee". Cheap or of poor quality in a mass-produced sort of way. Of Southern African origin - may be Chilapalapa ( or Fanagalo (
Eish, my bag just broke - I shouldn't have bought something so chipile!
ayon kay TheRealNimnod ika-24 ng Pebrero, 2009