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6 definitions by XpS

Slang for cocaine, used by rappers and kids too. Pronounced "yay-o"
"I didn't wanna take his life, but the nigga tried to run and get away with me llello.." -Bone Thugs N' Harmony - Mr. Bill Collector
ayon kay xps ika-04 ng Abril, 2005
170 76
A chemical that can be inhaled, makes you retarded (The intoxicated retarded, not mentally). Usually put into balloons and inhaled. Has a sort of sweet taste. Only lasts around 30 seconds, sometimes you will feel a little something for a couple minutes. Also can give you the "wah wahs"
"Why is he staring at the wall laughing his ass off?"
"He just inhaled a whole balloon of freon..."
ayon kay XpS ika-24 ng Pebrero, 2005
37 25
An abbreviation for the group Portishead, one of the best bands to ever exist. Also their logo.
I purchased the shirt with the big P on the front today.
ayon kay xps ika-15 ng Abril, 2005
2 4
Abbreviation of the band Audio Karate
AK rocks your fuckin socks
ayon kay xps ika-06 ng Abril, 2005
3 16
Teh sexor h4x0r in EndVAC
Omfg Silent equals win.
ayon kay XpS ika-02 ng Enero, 2005
18 50
Someone who usually claims nobody "gets" them. They always cry about how bad their parents are even though they get anything they want. Usually wear wrist bands or some ridiculous looking long sleeve shirt under their t-shirt to cover their arms, so nobody sees their razor cuts. They wear a studded belt and paint their finger nails black.
I'm so depressed, my parents don't get me, i'm going to take a bottle of aspirin. Well? Give me more attention already..
ayon kay xps ika-10 ng Abril, 2005
58 129