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8 definitions by cake

Yiddish word for posterior, ass, heiny, tushie, butt, booty, gluteus maximus.
Linda Richman: "Oy vey! Did you see the tuchus on THAT mensch?!"

Al Bernay: "You really are a tuchus-lips, ass-breath."
ayon kay cake ika-21 ng Disyembre, 2003
204 44
Accepting your situation. Having no defence when in the wrong.

A phrase that originates from the City of Derry in the North West of Ireland.

Also known to be modified to include words that makes phrase more apt to a certain situation or point.
"I missed my deadline, I'm going to get sacked."

"Take Your oil"

"How was I to know she had crabs?"

"Take your bed hopping oil"
ayon kay Cake ika-03 ng Marso, 2005
45 7
to be drawn to physically and sexually, an intense form of having a crush
I really sweat Devin.
ayon kay cake ika-18 ng Hunyo, 2006
71 53
Plastic fashion bracelets that come in a variety of colors. Usually worn by middle school or high school students for their trend.

The sex game 'Snap' is played wearing these bracelets, although this game is used mainly among College students. It is not to be confused that, for example, a junior high student may be willing to perform sex acts just because he/she wears them.
a) "I bought my friend Alice some jelly bracelets for her birthday. They're very trendy you know."
c) "Alex broke one of my green bracelets, so I gave him a hug."
b) "Some pervert broke one of my jelly bracelets because he thought I would have sex with him."
ayon kay Cake ika-20 ng Oktubre, 2004
13 8
a boy who wears tight tight theres no room for his penis
wow that farmer joe has got to get bigger jeans!
ayon kay cAke ika-06 ng Nobyembre, 2004
10 11
he is so steeshed!
ayon kay Cake ika-28 ng Abril, 2003
1 7
Someone who sniffs a females underwear. usually used as an insult
Tyler is a nasty flog.
ayon kay cAke ika-06 ng Nobyembre, 2004
10 20