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adj. (1) synonymous with cool or especially cool; (2) in a well-adjusted state of calm contentedness.

noun suffix. (1) can be added to any letter or word fragment to take the place of other letters.
adj(1) "So now that you and what's-her-name hooked up for real, I bet you think you're pretty swissy, huh?"

adj(2) "Dude, don't buster me, dude ... I'm feelin' pretty swissy right about now."

guy: "Dude, and then fuckin' E-Swissy hella-bustered in and whippy-chipped our sesh?"
bro: "E-Swissy???"
guy: "Dude! You know! Elaine?"
ayon kay djrijk ika-23 ng Hunyo, 2004
A censor-safe substitute for "motherfucker."

The term was invented by a fellow named Calvin who managed a pizza joint in 1993. When two new teenage girls were hired as extra help, the owner's wife pleaded with Calvin and other coarse talkers to clean up their language. Calvin often recited gangsta rap lyrics throughout the workday, and "flipperjabber" was perfect because it has the same amount of syllables as "motherfucker," thereby allowing the flow of the rap to carry on as usual. This word later infiltrated his everyday vernacular and that of his closest friends who often used the word to refer to each other.
"...and shoot up any flipperjabber who wanna step to me..."
ayon kay djrijk ika-23 ng Hunyo, 2004
verb. to ruin or disturb, esp. as in to ruin or disturb a good time or peace and quiet.
"We were having a swissy-ass stoney sesh until those narcs fuckin' busted in and whippy-chipped our sesh like that."

"I could have gone on for days tappin' that ass until the phone rang and I heard Candace on the answering machine; and just the thought of that pimply-ass face of hers and the sound of that smarmy sneer just totally whippy-chipped my hard-on."

"Everytime I need to catch up on sleep, that fuckin' firehouse across the street whippy-chips my slumber and decides to test out their sirens and chainsaws."
ayon kay djrijk ika-23 ng Hunyo, 2004
A general word that may be used as a noun or verb to describe any person, thing or action, much like the word "smurf" on the Smurfs cartoon. It is most often used among friends to ridicule each other. The word is derived from the time my friend Eric took a concoction of several drugs and lots of alcohol and kept saying "swisspoon" for no apparent reason. It stuck as his nickname and infiltrated the vernacular of many students at UC-Davis during the late 1990s. The word was also shortened to "swiss" and the suffixes "-swissy" and "-swisser(s)."
"What's up, swisspoon?"

"Just when the party was about to get good, those chicks next door bustered in and swisspooned our sesh."
ayon kay djrijk ika-23 ng Hunyo, 2004
In addition to the above definitions, Gonkulator is a band from Woburn, Massachusetts, who purport themselves to be the world's foremost farcical "black metal" band.

A big fan of the band introduced Gonkulator to several of his friends here in Davis, CA, and thus a strong following for Gonkulator was developed here.

None of us knew what Gonkulator actually meant before it became the name of the guitar effects pedal, so someone took the liberty to make the word mean whatever he wanted it to mean, and thus it became another synonym for vagina. I like it better than "pussy" myself.

From there, the verb "gonkulate" was spawned, and that is "to produce a secretion from the vagina or female ejaculate."
"Dude, don't go in that gonkulator without a raincoat unless you wanna catch something!"
ayon kay djrijk ika-05 ng Hulyo, 2004
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