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When you fart and it smells like the fast food you ate earlier.
Man, I had Wendy's chicken nuggets for lunch today and I had a fast food fart.
#fart #fast food #chicken nuggets #mc donalds #wendy's
ayon kay kelly girl ika-27 ng Enero, 2009
A girl who puts food in her privates and lets people eat them.
Dude, last night I met a tator twat. We hooked up!
#whore #skank #slut #hooker #prostitute #& taint
ayon kay kelly girl ika-10 ng Abril, 2009
Where you sit down for long periods of time and you get up and you notice your pants sticking to your butt and a pungent odor.
I was sitting down for an exam and I noticed I was showing signs of sewage booty.
#swamp ass #stanky leg #booty #smelly #booty dew
ayon kay kelly girl ika-04 ng Setyembre, 2009
Where you have a gigantic butt and everything you sit on is deadly.
Did you see Mrs. Wilson? That bitch has an atomic ass!
#booty #buffalo #ass #butt #donk #donker
ayon kay kelly girl ika-04 ng Setyembre, 2009
Where your hair is frizzy from humidity. It also looks like you have gotten electricuted.
Megan, did you get struck by lightning? Because your hair is looking an awful lot like satilitus.
#satalite #lightning #hair #frizzy #nappy
ayon kay kelly girl ika-23 ng Agosto, 2009
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