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Someone who does what's called "Link Surfing" or "Link Riding". The action of clicking on links within webpages. One might begin on twitter, follow a link to youtube, click on a link in the sidebar to a news website, and go from there to another site. By the end of an hour, and Link Rider will usually have about eight windows open from different websites.
"What's been taking Bob so long? I thought he was just checking his email."
"Oh... Wendy sent him a link to a Wikipedia article. He's probably been sucked into all the pretty blue links."
"Great! He's probably going to be on there for hours!"
"What a pathetic link rider..."
ayon kay missjo5ie ika-28 ng Setyembre, 2009
Twitter etiquette; The social decorum expected of you when you join twitter. Examples of good twitterquette:
-- People you know in real life who follow you also expect to be followed.
-- Tweet no more than once an hour (not including @replies), but no less than once a day.
-- Avoid more than 3 tweets in a row, unless directly related to each other and especially important or hilarious in nature.
-- Do not abuse your right to post links in a tweet, especially when the link is connected to shameless self-promotion.
-- Always cite real-life friends on #FollowFriday
-- Although one is capable of a 140 character tweet, using less than 100 characters is ideal.
-- Twitter is not a chat room, no @reply conversations. This can be as irritating as spam.

Keep in mind that these guidelines are taken very seriously in the twitter community.
Joe: I woke up and I had 36 texts from twitter! Did you and Sally have another conversation only using the @reply feature on twitter!?
Bob: So what if we did? It's a social networking site.
ayon kay missjo5ie ika-19 ng Oktubre, 2009
Suffix that can be added onto a phrase or word by another person to mean "kind of" or "not really." Can be also added onto the word or phrase by yourself after a long pause of reflection.
Person a: Do you think these jeans make me look fat?
Person b: ... ish.
Person a: *punches Person b in the face*

Person a: This sweater is totally white!
Person b: *puzzled look*
Person a: *walks into light and realizes the sweater is gray* Oh... ish.
ayon kay missjo5ie ika-03 ng Oktubre, 2009
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