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18 definitions by speedy

the act of sexual congress between two smurfs
Took her in the parking lot. She smurffed me
ayon kay Speedy ika-01 ng Nobyembre, 2003
The Double Header is a situation in which a man or woman is getting head from 2 guys, but not at the same time (cheating.)
I can't believe you're pulling a double header!
ayon kay SPEEDy ika-02 ng Setyembre, 2004
the act of being Matt Meyer.
"Shut up... Foregger!"

ayon kay Speedy ika-25 ng Enero, 2004
the word no one knows how to spell..except me. cuz i'm cool.
Diarrhea smells.
ayon kay speedy ika-21 ng Enero, 2003