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2 definitions by sprinkes_in_my_frosting

Fake tears for the purpose to look like you understand or because it's the appropriate thing to do
She didn't care that her father-in-law just died, but she cries those crocodile tears anyways, pretending to feel the pain.
ayon kay sprinkes_in_my_frosting ika-12 ng Pebrero, 2008
The equivalent of omigod or oh my god or oh my gosh usually said by ditzy girls that just slur the three words. Hence, omigosh, instead of oh my gosh.
Becca: Omigosh, Jen! Brad just waved at me!
Jen: No way! Omigosh, did you wave back?
Becca: Omigosh, yes!
ayon kay sprinkes_in_my_frosting ika-16 ng Pebrero, 2008