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A woman laying on her left side ... 3 = b00bs, < = ... well, you know
I was hanging with my <3 last night, we had a good time.
ayon kay Patrick ika-17 ng Pebrero, 2005
27 77
A kiss. The 3 represents the lips, and the < is the mouth! A very common e-term, it can also be MISINTERPRETED as a heart, or a penis. :<
I wanna <3 ray. I <3 her so much. ;]
ayon kay MajikMengo ika-10 ng Agosto, 2006
16 70
An screener that asks can the three of us insert our peni into every receivable love hole in your body?
Can me and my two friends make a <3 with you?
ayon kay Corporal Agon ika-29 ng Agosto, 2005
10 65
Used to represent a penis or that you want to have sexual intercourse with that person.
"I <3 her o so very much"
ayon kay George ika-03 ng Marso, 2005
38 98