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Stands for: Belly Out Farther Than Tits

When looking at a girl from the side, her belly sticks out farther than her tits.
Yo, that boftt over there makes me want to throw up.

Oprah has a huge boftt!

That girl's boftt makes her look like she's wearing a tire.
ayon kay packOFwolves ika-21 ng Enero, 2009

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Belly Out Farther Than Tits
"Dude, check out that BOFTT over there"

"That's the biggest BOFTT I have ever seen"
ayon kay Gmoney1234 ika-14 ng Enero, 2009
Belly Out Farther Than Tits
Any person, preferably female, when seen from the side has a belly that sticks out farther/further than their tits.

Oprah has a BOFTT

Does that girl have an inner tube on her waist or does she just have a BOFTT

My BOFTT sticks out whenever I wear a small shirt
ayon kay Dr. Grego J B-o ika-12 ng Mayo, 2010