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a dime bag of weed from da dopeboi
waddup boi, lemme getta 10 spot
ayon kay deejay ika-08 ng Marso, 2005
25 9
see ten spot (#2)
That nigga owes me a 10 spot!
ayon kay fizzle ika-24 ng Marso, 2004
14 6
to look at a member of the opposite sex and eye him/her up and down, grading them on the hottness scale of 1-10.
He just gave me the 10 spot
ayon kay alealejandra ika-28 ng Abril, 2010
4 7
The wonderful line up on MTV starting at 10pm. Run's House, Real World, LB, The hills, Blowing up, Yo mamam, Punk'd to name a few. Perhaps the greatest television time man has ever known.
"Heyman, do you want to go to this ridiculously outta control party with babes plentiful?""

"No man, the 10 spot is on."
ayon kay ed0gg giggidy goo ika-09 ng Hunyo, 2006
10 19