By far the best rapper of all time people think thats biggie and eminem are on the same level but neither of them were as smart as he was and shared the same views as he did. Eminem could only dream of getting the love from his fans that 2pac got from his fans i can relate to his music because i came from poverty like he did where i had to do things for money to survive and i share alot of the same views as he did and i can say that his music is the only thing that has stoped me from blowing my brains out many times he was by far the best rapper ever he was real he was a gangsta unlike rappers like dre eminem 50 cent how many of them went and shot cops after they become famouse cos 2 pac did he did jail he did it all and it disgusts me to hear eminem sing songs like{ toy soldiers} cos now all the rappers arwe just tryna be like 2pac and my message to them is wake the fuck up there will never be another 2pac in the rap world so stop trying cos theyre all a bunch of try hards and wannabes plain and simple. He sung about the real issues and they came from the heart examples of this are songs like changes, me against the world and to hear eminem say that he wont be killed because of his daughter what a load of crap does he honestly think that because he is dilusional if he does. i know people that hate rap that love 2pac for his songs like changes and me against the world
examples of his genius are songs like changes
ayon kay todd vas ika-08 ng Agosto, 2005
AkA GOD! The best rapper to ever walk this earth.
Any album by 2pac, dead or alive it doesn't matter.
ayon kay NyC4LyFe ika-21 ng Mayo, 2007
tha greatest human beside jesus. killer MC, genius poet, and amazing actor. All u dib shits that desrespect, you better get ur damn ears checked
RIP homie 2pac
ayon kay mcmjk14 ika-05 ng Abril, 2009
2pac waz the greatest rapper of all time and alwayz will be. Any stupid ass mother fucker who wants to rip on 2pac is fucked in the head. "GOD OF ROCK" you are a fucking fagget how bout you go and get a life rather then stayin on here and ripping on the best rapper of all time.
When we ride on our enemies
I bet you motherfuckers die, when we ride, on our enemies
ayon kay when we ride on our enemies ika-22 ng Enero, 2006

a man who made mostley racist mysoginistic music and was promoted by capitalist White jewish heads of transnational corrparations
2 pac is a nigger the world can live with out!
ayon kay NLR718 ika-16 ng Hulyo, 2006
a tight rapper
asscock, you like to fondle with men's nuts
ayon kay wanker ika-04 ng Nobyembre, 2003
I'm not saying the best ever as some people who only know a little about rap would say. But 2pac was an alltime great who was very influential and contributed a lot of hard work with strong emotion. Ever since the digital underground days his rhymes had a lot of character in them and he stood out more than shock g and money b. His rap style is very poetical and he covers a lot of emotions of a troubled lifestyle. I believe he was better at the time of 'me against the world', but was still ok on deathrow, some might not agree, but I feel deathrow fueled his style more into 'gangsta without a cause' than his political and real heartfelt style that was a better influence to our troubled societies we live in. And as a result, the 'thug life' image deathrow helped to escalate even further, was also his downfall. It was a sad day back in sept 96 when I heard he had passed away. I just thought, damn what a loss!. And sadly even pac knew his day was coming soon because of his life situation at the time. The good thing is, while he was in prison he got to write a lot of rhymes and also just before and after he was out he was known to just write lyrics in a short time not a lot of others could match. Theres a few 100 songs he still has and will be released in time. Lets just hope that whiteboy eminem doesn't try and produce anymore of them to appeal to the others(if you know what i mean!). 2pac was a role model for our struggling youth in the heart of the citys, and i don't mean these well off crackas with identity and sexuality crisis'. This was music for the REAL struggling society, not the wannabes who took it upon themselves to become false thugs portraying the image in their heads to fit the music in their ears. Most of them weren't fans and didn't know about tupac until after his death. A lot of people were in a confused state leaving themselves wondering and trying to convince others that ''he's still alive!'', that is how much of an impact he made. I did think that too until 97 when I thought it through properly and had to let it go. I mean people have gone so far and taken his lyrics out of context, he was referring to leaving the ghetto not the earths surface, he spoke of escapism of his 'thug life' wanting to get rich, people thought he died from his first shooting which ended in his undeserving arrest which is what he used to refer to and he always knew that his life would not be that long in the struggle. All of these conspiracy theories are weak and hold no weight to an argument which easily would result in ''pac is dead!''. I mean all this 7 bullshit has to stop, you are only fooling yourself and have too much time on your hands, let it rest!. ohhh, his barbers last digits are 223=7, his album had 14 tracks, divide it by 2=7, and it goes on.......GROW THE FUCK UP AND STOP THIS 7 SHIT!! and all the other stuff, if you have anything to prove let me know and I will clarify it to your concience. I don't think any of you who claims he is alive have even read the REAL machiavellis books, and if you have, you would not question if pac is alive or not right now. But his spirit lives on and his music is here forever. I make music too, and we have a lot of things in todays studios, stuff to change the layers of your voice so you sound like someone else(e.g. pac, biggie, eminem...on and on), ways to chop sections of vocals from old songs and make them into new ones that sound completely different, computer programs that could make your CD cover look like you are standing in front of 100 real ferraris with gold teeth and bling that you don't have. ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF. I have used all of these things when playing around in the studio and home. All eyez really are on suge knight for his death(smart people will feel me on this too) otherwise it could have just been gang related. People need to see that, normally when people die, they can't do anything else except for be dead and a dead person. Let us all just remember tupac for what he done and what is still unreleased for the future. Peace! 7 luv! lol
man1:Yo, that looks like 2pac with some hair and a beard over there who that guy is passing that bag to.
man2:Oh my god, it is man, so he's been living in that greenhouse all this time
man1:(Calls friends)-yo, you won't believe it! we seen 2pac nigga

later that day............

:This is a news bulletin:
news reporter:We are at the scene of a building thought to be abandoned for the last 9 years, we believe 2pac is here and will have full coverage for you.

building door opens-
''Yo, thuglife, BITCH!, R U STILL DOWN!''

Everybody watching-

######!!WORLD HAS A PARTY!!########

He was a great rapper with a big character and his spirit and music will live on forever!! unless that stupid white cracka eminem has the rights to produce all his work and ruins him completely.
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