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A woman that is great at giving head, loves it up the ass and enjoys to have their pussy pounded over and over and over again.
Jodi is such a slut-skank, her nick name is '3 Hole Wonder'.
ayon kay pseudonym2013 ika-23 ng Mayo, 2013
The 7 wonders of the World. Seven of the most beautiful places on earth.

A Woman has three glorious holes... Use your mind.
"Thanks for last night... You're a 3 hole Wonder"
ayon kay The Late Travis Alexander ika-13 ng Pebrero, 2012
This is what Travis Alexander called Jodi Arias. The woman that later stabbed him 29 times and shot him in the forehead.
Your a 3 hole wonder Jodi!
ayon kay court watcher ika-24 ng Abril, 2013