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A person who is a handful, he/she is a piece of work, and or a colorful character.
Don is a hot mess! He's cantankerous, cranky and onery.
ayon kay Sharon King ika-15 ng Nobyembre, 2006
823 517
(NOUN) term used to describe somebody that has NO REASON to look the way that they are lookin at the time. also describes somebody who is lookin like a DAMN FOOL.
ayy nigga, ya guh is lookin a HOT ASS MESS wit dem tight ass pants and floodin ass shirt she got on. whats wrong wit er' cuz?!!
ayon kay GANGSTA-PRINCESS ika-21 ng Nobyembre, 2003
589 595
at hot mess is when something just aint' right or off da chain
Oh she looks a Hot mess tryin' to wear dem Low rise jeans wit her ass and gut hangin out
ayon kay jalisa ika-09 ng Disyembre, 2003
303 494
Usually the result of a hangover, a hot mess can be described as the diahrea or abnormal bowel movements you have the morning after a night of heavy drinking.
"Where's chris?"
"Oh, he's in the bathroom makin' a hot mess"
ayon kay james613 ika-09 ng Nobyembre, 2005
191 830