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Anarchy sometimes confused with chaos but has nothing to do with it.Anarchy is about cooperation,sharing,and learning to live together chaos is being a cop or a soldier .Anarchy peace and equality is what anarchy means to me and it just means with out rule
I was on and found some books on anarchy and femmenism.
ayon kay ray of today ika-09 ng Pebrero, 2005
215 202
idea that would work in a perfect world where no one is power hungry or greedy
ayon kay wowowowowow ika-16 ng Agosto, 2003
65 54
(absolute) absence of domination
Anarchy means that no one dominates, and no one is dominated. Usually refers to the time period in human existence before the rise of civilization and agriculture.
ayon kay mr. communication ika-04 ng Nobyembre, 2006
28 18
1. The belief that nothing is more important than an individual's sense of right and wrong.
2. A society made of individuals who believe in anarchy.
1.The student suddenly understood anarchy when he saw his friends work and cooperate without any bosses, orders, or commands.
ayon kay Da5id ika-06 ng Nobyembre, 2003
22 12
Opposing all forms of government; sometimes abused by 10 year old 'punk rockers' who claim to hate authority while they really don't know exactly why they hate it.
Anarchy is an ungovernable force.
ayon kay Fiend ika-04 ng Marso, 2003
125 116
Anarchy is the meaning for No goverment. That is what every Anarchiest wants. It is not a Arvil Lavigne sign she sucks and shes not punker.
Anarchy stands for "No Goverment" damnit!!
ayon kay Punk Rocker ika-22 ng Hunyo, 2005
36 28
being against all authority, basicly, no laws, not something to be worn by avril posers that dont know what it is..
some..fucked person: hey friend, did you know that that A in a cirlce means avril? its her sign.. its so cool.
friend: oh yeah? cool -writes it on hand-
ayon kay Anarchy Camper. ika-13 ng Setyembre, 2003
41 34