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Formerly known as the "final boss of the Internet", Anon has become simply a bunch of weeaboo faggots who wish to be a part of something.
ayon kay Former Anon ika-22 ng Abril, 2009
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We are Anonymous, and we do not forgive. Forgiveness requires humility, humility requires dignity. We have neither.

We are void of human restraints, such as self respect and common sense.

All those who break this pact will be eliminated without hesitation. And by elimination we will put their name on an icky photo and shit in each others' mouths.

Those who perform reckless actions or wish to harm the Anonymous will be eliminated without hesitation. Again, elimination is our word for doing very little about it.

Failure is the basis of our existence.

Enemies of the Anonymous include anyone who can point out how many times we contradict ourselves in a single sentence.

Our enemies are to be flaccidly made fun of, using the same tired photoshopped stuff stolen from someone else.

Anonymous must "work" as one. No Anonymous knows anything.

Betrayal of Anonymous is both ironic and appropriate.

Manipulation of the weak and innocent is something that the truly weak believe indicates power, as such we do it alot. Not well but, often. Once a victim is no longer commodious, they are to be eliminated. Also, the cow was slaughtered in the abattoir.

REPRODUCE. REPRODUCE. REPRODUCE. Like cockroaches and Catholics we need to make sure our stupidity is at least backed by numbers. Quantity over quality. Loud = Funny.

No man-made or natural occurance can harm the Anonymous. Except when Mom and Dad ground us from the computer. That's pouting time.

Under no circumstances are Anonymous human. We are beneath humans and mortality.

Anonymous are not to partake in meaningless tasks....pffft Ahhh dude I'm totally shitting ya, that's all we do.

You are legion, for we are many. That makes it easier to defend ourselves when smart people tell us to stop acting like idiots.

Anonymous is everywhere at all times, we like to loiter. we really have nothing better to do than hang out. Yet, singular Anonymous are not permitted to know everything. Which is good, because we know very little.

All have the potential to be Anonymous until they choose to drop a bag of fertilizer on their nutsack and grow a pair. Those who are not Anonymous are to be eliminated....or photoshopped into a nasty photo which ever one requires less standing and walking. Or hack a paypal account and charge PS3's, send massive amounts of cowardly and empty death threats or, whatever weak ass "criminal" act we think will make us appear powerful.

Anonymous has no weakness or flaw. Well, except maybe getting laid. That ain't happening. And a whole bunch of others. But besides crippling personality flaws, body odor, lack of humor, not getting laid and relying on shock value and memes to speak for us...we have only a few more flaws and weaknesses.

Laws of Nature and Man cannot restrain the Anonymous. However, an IP ban, power outage or, a light punch to the solar plexus can drop us like a bag of bad habits.

Anonymous is Zero. Feuding and argument amongst the Anonymous is both constant and unavoidable.

Anonymous is in control at all times. We just choose to waste all of it.

Anonymous has no identity. Those who are not Anonymous yet know our presence must be eliminated. Again and, I can not stress this enough people, "eliminate" means sitting on our asses all day pretending to jerk off to Goatse, while our mothers yell at us to get jobs.

Anonymous cannot be contained by mere restraints. We are far too fat to fit any normal conveyance, handcuffs or standard size airline seats.

Anonymous are all equally stupid. No one is more retarded then Anonymous.

Anonymous must obey the Code. Those who do not are to be raped with our mighty e-peens, until supper time and homework, then an hour of Gameboy before bedtime.

Anonymous worships nothing because anonymous is nothing.

Anonymous cares for nothing, but Anonymous. Our existence is vapid, myopic and limited.

Humanity is the virus; Anonymous is the open wound that invites it in.

We are Anonymous, and we do not realize how little we matter.
Anonymous are arrogant children who believe cyber terrorism is a great way to attack those who have the nerve to use their own ridiculous hypocritical beliefs against them.
Or Scientology, they really hate Scientology. Never mind that they're an equally stupid cult who believes tormenting people is perfectly ok.
In short, pussies.
ayon kay Esper777 ika-05 ng Abril, 2009
Anonymous talks to hear itself talk. Only anonymous finds anonymous funny.

Anonymous mocks blacks, as its own tiny penis makes it feel inadequate.
Anonymous gay bashes, for inside it craves the butt-loving.
Anonymous hates furries, because calling attention to them draws attention away from its own twisted perversions.
Anonymous is a pedophile.
Anonymous has Oedipal desires, but can only dream and fap to them.
Anonymous actually faps to everything it mocks.
Anonymous primarily consists of 14 year old boys, or at least all anonymous is at heart.

If you confront an Anonymous with its true name, it will explode.
Anonymous knows no fear... because it's easy to be brave when your target can't fight back. Like beating up a kid in a wheelchair.

Anonymous will downvote this definition so it can feel better about itself, because that will somehow give it "lulz", which it exists entirely upon.
If an anonymous posts on 4chan and no one's around to read it, will it make a lol? Yes. Because anonymous will read its own joke to itself over and over as it faps to furry porn, amused by its own "intellect".

Anonymous gets laid more than any other person. Too bad it's only from cybering 36 year old men pretending to be 7 year old girls as they sit in their mother's basement, surrounded by Star Wars glasses.
ayon kay Retired/b/tard ika-15 ng Abril, 2007
United as one, divided by zero. We are Anonymous, We are legion, We do not forgive. We used to be actually cool, and worth the laugh and the reminder not to take things too seriously. But in our haste to remind others of their canny ability to ignore reality, we've expended all this energy, more energy than they do avoiding reality. So now we're kindof a sad mess of dumbasses still clinging to an outdated manifesto that may as well be the instructions on someone's VCR manual. We're sad. Sad sad people. We eat Doritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We write minimal annoying scripts that do fuckall except annoy people for 12 seconds. We're quick to brag about our endeavors because what press we've recieved has given us a false sense of validity. But don't fool yourselves. We're a bunch of sad, undersexed, testosterone-filled highschool dropouts who work fast food, live off our parents and smoke too much weed. Move along now. We've hit the snooze button on our 15 minutes of fame. Our voices are silent.
Normal Person: "Retard"
ayon kay Anonymous1234155322 ika-26 ng Agosto, 2008
a bunch of fags who think that posting things on message boards actually does something. They claim to be "one" , yet they are unorganized aside from a few friends still living with their parents organizing a spam brigade
thats right, im challenging you anonymous, bite me
ayon kay Topazisdead ika-02 ng Disyembre, 2008
Anonymous is the ultimate internet tough guy. An OL psycho bully, butthurt about being everybody's bitch and being pwnd IRL all the time, set himself to win the only way he kind of knew how, which is also ironical since it was his's smart odds that usually got him raep to begin with. Being the IRL pussy that he is, decided to hide his actions' persona behind true anonymity; in an undifferentiated gang of other sorry ass losers. Those actions more often that not, resulted in major lols, as expected of such fail IRL lolcows. Finally getting tired of being the laughing stock of the universe in all imaginable possible ways, they decided to better justified it and say that it was on purpose and hence forged a new inducive adage, that they 'did it for the lulz', or if with a sugarcoated moralfag anarchy twist, 'for great justice'. Which is either way pointess and contradictory self-pwning anyhow. They're also closet attention whores that get their kicks of unwarranted self-importance by vandalizing real attention whores' shit and people who disagree with them; since most people are not major geeks, just could not emotionally get it, and are hence labeled anti-lulz; the real attention whores were of course asking for it and deserve to get rape accordingly. Almost needless to say, intellectually that senseless shit of a ideological manifesto is just like them, laughable. What a great achievement to moronically troll a 16 year old girl facemyliveshit account, must've been a real tough cookie to crack; you are so hXc. Nigga please, it that's the best You can do, then pleeeaaase DO NOT WANT U to lolfight any more 'baetlz k'. It's not even funnay anymore, not that it ever was. Anon's nowadays synonymous with a lame OL prankster. It is common knowledge that there's no oldanon, it just remains constant the same plain old shitty level of anon crap; the real oldanon left the scene when they weren't any more real challenges or grew up. It is useless to increase the quantity of them by dynamically recruiting fucktards, since they are all unreliable retarded rap-loving 13 year old boys newfag emo furry shit. Since anon is supposed to be behaving the way that everybody really wants; well, then become an heroes; that's what we all really want (or at least is what I want). What a bunch of wimpy shitheads. Laugh at anons every chance you get; laugh at the size of their e-penis; laugh at their lolfighting for shit no-one cares about; laugh at their inability to command respect OL. Since anon nevar4gets; yeah right; to get a life perhaps, since every waking moment is a tormented hellish sempiternal remainder of his IRL fail. But wait, wouldn't that also make You kind of an anon; what a mindfuck! Anons sure is serious business... Fo sho rly!
Anonymous would like everybody to get a twisted sense of humor; troll the interwebz, protest scientology, watch Faux News, blow up vans, become an heros; buy a dog, curtains, goggles, mudkips, Guy Fawkes masks, etc; just for graet justice!

Dubious Disclaimer: This definition was written for the lulz!
ayon kay mayor_lulzer ika-11 ng Mayo, 2008
We are Anonymous.

We are reasonably gay for one another.

We are one big group of cowards.

We do not forgive our parents for what they did.

We do not forget to put our names on our posts, we are simply too scared.

We will crush anything that stands in our way, providing it is someones email account or myspace page. Anything else is just too scary.

This is all we are...

...But all we will be hailed for is being the modern day D&D rejects.


Expect us around 6pm 2moroz. Anonymous is waiting for mom's permission to come online again. :( (sad facez, ohhhs noe!)
'if you call yourself anonymous and thumbs down this entry, you're a gutless tard. Smoke 8 dicks yo"
ayon kay Anonymous Warlock Guildmaster Douche ika-09 ng Mayo, 2008
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