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Awesomerest is a word used to refer to people who are above the level of just awesome.
Lydia: You are awesomerest
Jonathan: No you're awesomerest
Lydia: I always win at this
Jon: Not this time
Lydia: Yes I will bitch.
ayon kay Jonathan Huffines ika-23 ng Marso, 2007
8 4
When compairing three or more thing that are awesome.
Out of all the people at this party, I'm the awesomerest of them all.
ayon kay spoiledbratt ika-27 ng Oktubre, 2011
2 0
adj. being the absolute most awesome at something
(comes from bad southern english)
Jack is the awesomerest person on the soccar team.
Jill is the awesomerest person ever.
ayon kay Captain09 ika-02 ng Nobyembre, 2006
5 5