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A term used by leet speakers that relates to the breasts of a female. The irony of this term is that most leet speakers will not have ever seen breasts except in videos they've download off the internet and regularly jack-off to at 1:00 in the morning, so that their parents don't walk in on them masturbating and shoving their fingers up their arses in sheer delight of seeing girls that don't scream and run off at the sheer sight of them, and will never see breasts as they have no concept of how to have relationships with girls due to their social skills being diminished by using retarded words on the internet to impress other geeky, little dickheads who also haven't seen breasts before. The only relationships leet speakers are capable of is one with their spunk-covered keyboards that seem to satisfy them in a way that no woman can.

One main reason why they can't have girlfriends (other than their rediculous 'Top Gun' style of massive lenses, having more spots than the car park at Disney World and more black heads than in the whole of Harlem) is because they use words like "B00bz0rz" and "p0wn3d" to try and sound intellectual and cool, but in fact elevate themselves to new levels of retardedness that have never been reached before in the history of the Universe. Any normal person can see them for what they are: Wankers, just complete wankers.
Leet speaking prick: Wow, I must be the only guy in the world not to have seen any B00bz0rz!!11. I know, I'll spend all my free time on the internet talking in this retarded, shit-piece of a 'language' trying to sound cool and then everyone will like me because they'll realise how leet I am.

Normal person: You're a dick.
#leet speakers are gay #leet speakers are fags #leet speakers can kiss my arse #leet speakers are pricks #leet speakers just suck big #floppy donkey dick
ayon kay Ted T Chimp ika-19 ng Hulyo, 2006
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