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A male who has a dirty blonde mustache on his upper lip that should be shaved.
"kid your such a BOUCHE! Shave that stupid thing NOW!"
#dirty #blonde #mustache #ugly #fat #huge #no friends #bouche
ayon kay Karl Shwarts ika-20 ng Marso, 2008
someone who is not only a bitch, but also a douche.
Becky::That bouche Gretchin is cockblocking our men.
Jillian:: Heck yes, Gretchin is sooo a bouche.
#bitch #douche #sewer rat #cuntaroni #ballsack
ayon kay bitcharoni ika-07 ng Oktubre, 2007
The awesome feeling of weightlessness you get at the start of your fall.
I got bouche on that ride at the amusement park.

I want bouche.

Get ready for some bouche.

I am so nervous up here on this ride that I am getting pre - bouche.

That was some good bouche.
#feelings #sensations #orgasm #fall #boosh #anxiety
ayon kay Patrick Skalova Ho, Mel Ho ika-24 ng Disyembre, 2011
A sexual position performed upon a man. Take the scrotum fully into mouth, extend Steven Tyler length tongue over onto bonch, whilst simultaneously giving a handjob.
May require use of shampoo to clean up afterwards.
Would you like me to give you a bouche?
Bouche me!
#bonch #hummer #rusty trumpet #blowjob #balls
ayon kay rapscallion ika-27 ng Pebrero, 2006
Someone who is a bitch and a douche
Kyle is such a bouche!
I know I hate that guy!
#bitch #douche #boosh #asshole #jerk #wazzbag
ayon kay Bouchega ika-23 ng Nobyembre, 2014
When a man cums in someone's ass and they fart/shit it out. Butt-douche
Hey guys I can't go out tonight, I have to bouche.
#butt #douche #vagina #anal #sex
ayon kay KEG9040 ika-06 ng Pebrero, 2015
a spritely interjection, used to exclaim wonder or to show a large force like a punch or explosion.
1. and then Steve Buscemi showed up, and it was like BOUCHE, godliness

2. and then the bomb was like BOUCHE
ayon kay booger ika-29 ng Disyembre, 2003
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