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A common mispelling of Bologna. Slang for "bullshit".
You are full of Balogna!
ayon kay Archangel-woghd ika-21 ng Enero, 2011
slang, to substitute for 'shit'

used by people who dont swear (usualy kids)
your full of 'balogna'

thats a bunch of 'balogna'
ayon kay Pyst ika-02 ng Mayo, 2009
1. a piece
2. a yummy meat
1. Lets have some balogna!
ayon kay chevyBLAZER ika-08 ng Nobyembre, 2006
A person is said to be balogna when they are high off the marijuana.
That honey dutchmaster blunt got me so balogna!
ayon kay splurgemaster ika-25 ng Hunyo, 2005