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A mole that is commonly on the neck. Many people have moles on their neck's but this one is slightly larger than all the others. Many girls call their exboyfriend's neck moles Bonjobias to simply make fun of and tease there exboyfriends for being a dipshit asswhole for breaking up with them in the first place. Many exboyfriends are atleast slightly offended by this name but that means the exgirlfriend's job is a job well-done. The symptoms of a guy having a Bonjobia is ussually that he smiles to one side REALLY awkwardly and hes missing one of his insizers. Which makes him look like a fucking homeless twat. Plus their is ussually 50 other moles slightly smaller than Bonjobia all over the body. And ofcoarse he has a twitchy eye when he smiles and he likes to say 'fucking' 'sketchy' or 'lets drink!' in every sentance. Also used as a nickname for the shittiest ex/boyfriend in the world. Not to be confused with Bon Jovi the singer/songwriter.
Amanda-Ew look at Andy's Bonjobia! Sooo unattractive.
Haley-That guy must of been hit with an ugly stick...connected to an ugly tree...
Amanda-His smile is so disqusting too! I think hes even missing a tooth!!
Haley-Thats ussually common in dickmunches. I mean you DID date him.
Andy-idk what a bonjobia is but i sorta feel offended....I'm gonna look it up on urbandictionary!
#moles #exboyfriends #tooth #asswholes #dick munches #bon jovi #neck #symptoms #exgirlfriends #twat #homeless #sketchy #fuck #fucking #drunk #drink #shit
ayon kay Turtlezzz23 ika-29 ng Oktubre, 2011
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