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A term of endearment to a brotherly-like friend or relative.

Normally used by white males, that are comfortable with risking any type of respect from others by simply saying such words and applying them to everyday conversation.

The cool guy(s).
Thanks for getting me that delcious Hi-C, bromosapien.
#brother #bro #friend #homie #pal #buddy
ayon kay Zalkane ika-08 ng Abril, 2009
Term of endearment, brother, human.
whats poppin' bromosapien
#broseph #bro #homosapien #human #brother
ayon kay T from the... ika-30 ng Hunyo, 2008
(n.) Brohmoh Saypien
A brother, dude, bro, friend.
Derived from the inferior Homo sapien name in bronomial nomenclature.
A bromo sapien can be identified by frequently wearing tank tops, eating bacon (and other fine snacks if I do say so myself), having the skin tone of orange, and usually attempting to have a threesome with every 9 or 10 around.
Joe: What's up my Bromo sapien?
Sam: Nothin'. Just having bacon while tanning and attracting many fine women. The usual.
#brochacho #bro #ganges surprise #broseph #bronomial nomenclature #skittlelicker
ayon kay CantalopePuncher ika-02 ng Setyembre, 2011
A combination of homosapien(human) and brother
"What's going on "Bromosapien""
#human #bro #brother #man #chill
ayon kay TheManlyMan ika-02 ng Mayo, 2013
A unique species of bro, usually reserved for closer friends.
"Thanks for being DD tonight, later." "no problem bromosapien."
#bros #bruddas #friends #buds #best buds
ayon kay Adam91 ika-17 ng Hulyo, 2011
the individual in a group of 'bros' who is considered the most intelligent or wise. this bro has aided his fellow bros in numerous adverse situations, usually evading police or rival bros. the wit and cunning of the bromo sapiens has been instrumental in picking up chicks.

"sapiens" is Latin for "wise" or "knowing". while an equally legitimate term, bromo sapiens is a reference to "homo sapiens", which is the scientific name of the human species.
Despite being absolutely hammered, Jim, the bromo sapiens of the bunch, was able to successfully navigate through the city with only slight injuries to a few pedestrians.

*with sarcasm*
(after accidentally discharging an illegal handgun kept in his pants) Dude #1: fuck!

Dude #2: wow, nice work, bromo sapiens. that's even worse than Plaxico Burress, for fuck sake!
#donk #dat azz #bro #dude #homo
ayon kay Orgetorix ika-02 ng Mayo, 2010
The more bro oriented of the only extant species of the genus Homo.
bro walks into a room full of his brosefs "whats up my bromosapiens!"
#bro #bromance #brotassium #brosef #brojangles #broetic #brotide #brotacular #bromosapien
ayon kay FosterMan ika-24 ng Disyembre, 2012
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