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Well known rapper. One ghettolicious sex machine. A decipal of satan. Offended by the small, and everyone else for that matter.
Person: Hey C money, whats up.
C money: F*** you asshole.
#sexy #fiesty #angry #famous #evil
ayon kay Mcclovinyourmom ika-28 ng Hunyo, 2009
A huge liar from up state south carolina. When ever some is macking alot of dudes at a party, he is referred as "Cmoney".

Damn, Colton just left the party with six guys. Cmoney is going to get some cock tonight.
#donnie #leech #colton #fake millionaire #prison
ayon kay PrimeFknTime ika-17 ng Setyembre, 2007
C-money is the nickname of Cory Matos Friedrich. The name's history dates back to 2005 when the names founder Sofi Ali {source} first stated the name and for over 2 years now the name has caught on like a Portuguese forest fire. This name is now used by over 18 million people worldwide with the largest population being in Ontario, Canada ; the home of The Rated R SuperStar himself.

Variations of the name include CMoney, Cash Money and C$
" Yo the sun don't shine forever
But as long as it's here then we might as well shine together
Better now than never, business before pleasure
C-Money and the Fam, who you know do it better?"
#c-money #cory #c$ #cmoney #matos #friedrich
ayon kay Unknown Contributor ika-25 ng Marso, 2007
A huge player from up state south carolina. When ever some is macking alot of girls at a party, he is referred as "Cmoney".
Damn, Cale just left the party with six girls. Cmoney is going to get some ass tonight.
ayon kay Cmoney ika-08 ng Hulyo, 2004
a cock-loving bitch.
one who loves the men.
one who is a fake gangster
That bitch is so C-Money! Fake-ass bitch
#blake #cock #gay #cockman #c-money
ayon kay O.G. Bob ika-09 ng Marso, 2009
gay christian rapper who cant sing and has aids :-)
black guy - yo mayne c money is wack

c-money - bitch my rhymes is tight for shizzle!

black guy - *pulls out gun and kills c-money*
#c-money #c money #cmoney #gay #haha steph #gay!
ayon kay c-money = gay! ika-14 ng Hulyo, 2006
Of or, relating to, or dealing with, Colin Needham. See also Pimp Hand
C-Money: "Yo, Braves won the division again."
Dan: "Stupid Phillies!"
ayon kay T-Dawg ika-08 ng Abril, 2005
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