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A free website where people go to post, and talk about, all sorts of things. CL or Craigslist was started in San Francisco and now has boards for many major cities in the US and the world. It has become a major source of entertainment and distraction in the work place.
I found my job, my appartment, my roomates and I bitched about my day on CL.
ayon kay Burgher_NY ika-23 ng Marso, 2006
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Chocolate Lover, or an African American Person you would be down to go to B-Town with.
I was at the NBA All-Star game and there were C.L.'s EVERYWHERE!
ayon kay sizzle2222 ika-16 ng Marso, 2009
Cl me ASAP re. no laughing matter, tehe.
ayon kay Hercolena Oliver ika-27 ng Mayo, 2010
text talk for Chuckling loudly
instead of; U eat like a hippo, lol
do: u eat like a hippo, CL
ayon kay princess ponies hahenal,kme ika-14 ng Enero, 2010
This expression is associated with businesses having many intertrade
deals,international statesmen or with good friends - close liaison
Tony Blair has a cl with George Bush
ayon kay CriostoirHulme ika-13 ng Agosto, 2005
Cl me some time soon.
ayon kay Hercolena Oliver ika-26 ng Mayo, 2010
The couple pairing that symbolises Cloud x Leon

Cloud = Cloud Strife
Leon = Squall Leonhart with his Kingdom Hearts alias.

Otherwise known as yaoi.
Cloud Strife - Squall Leonhart are teh sex!!!!1
ayon kay Azure Reverie ika-16 ng Enero, 2007

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