To take Adderall in order to study, do homework, pull an all-nighter, or take a hard exam
I'm Cheating on this exam by taking an adderall to pull an all-nighter.
ayon kay outsidesmoke ika-13 ng Disyembre, 2010
when a guy you love has sex with your best friend or any other woman/man.
"Fuck you asshole you. don't deny it ic ought you cheating on me with my best friend now go away and never talk to me again."
ayon kay mymiztake4lovingyou ika-14 ng Pebrero, 2009
cheating can apply in all things in life such as politics government and so on but when it comes down to a realtionship its mmuch more complicating and complex. this is my point of view so sue me if you dare. YES cheating is going behind the back of the one you supposively love faithfully and committing unfaithful acts. this isnt always physical as cheating can be in a emotional mental or spiritual form. it only makes sense to classify it as actual cheating when two people in the relationship has made the vow or commitment to stay true to each other as in husband and wife in the eyes of god. this doesnt always have to include a large spectacular wedding where there are so called witnesses as long as the vow is made between the couple. unfortunately cheating never ends in a good result for anyone but the truth of the matter is cheating happens in marriage but also boyfriend girlfriend 'quote'status.
it was cheating when she had emotional disconnection even though he was just her boyfriend and thats how she wanted it.

it was cheating when he manipulated her with lies and deceit when he was emotionally disconnected from wanting to be with someone else.
ayon kay everyonehurts ika-12 ng Marso, 2009
what happens when the girl in the relationship is a clingy, overprotective bitch. he will get sick of her and most likely cheat on her because he cant handle her craziness anymore
She caught him cheating on her with me. Then she went ape shit on his ass.
ayon kay suckitttttttt ika-12 ng Enero, 2010
the beleif of cheating isnt always physical yes if you kiss,touch in any inappropriate way thats cheating but theres also emontionally cheating or cyber cheating if your going online talking to other ppl showing the pics of your body of giving them the impression that your capiable of a hook up in anyway when you have a girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating cheating could also be defined emotionally as when your significant other spends more time with someone of the oppisite sex instead of with you
xxxlillover:can i see a picture of whats underneath that?
manimcrazy:sure why not?
-cyber cheating-shouldnt do that

jake tells sandra hes going to call her back and instead he goes out all night and doesnt call her until the next day and ignored her when she called common signs of a cheater
-emotionally cheating- thats death to a relationship

erica has a boyfriend of 3 months and goes out one night with her ex-boyfriend she gives him a blowjob and then says i cant do this well guess what thats still cheating
ayon kay deathiswhatmynameis ika-12 ng Pebrero, 2009
The act of infidelity between two partners in a marriage, or an adult relationship. Cheating is a very strong word and should NOT be used by LG's and LB's in highschool when their partner is sexually involved with someone else. If someone is unfaithful to their partner, they are to immature to be in a relationship! Grow up first, before you hurt someone.
A LG came to me crying, "I caught Colten cheating on me." I responded, "You're thirteen years old! What the hell are you talking about."
ayon kay Old-Soul ika-25 ng Nobyembre, 2010
Looking for a better source of information
That guy was cheating on all the questions from the math test
ayon kay xXxSuperBigD1ckxXx ika-20 ng Agosto, 2008

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