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Crawley is a town near Gatwick in West Sussex, to be honest it's the same as any other town really. It's got it's good and bad parts, many people travel down for other towns for Crawley's shopping center and facilities. It's known for being a place filled with chavs, which isn't very realistic. It's pretty ordinary really.
Horsham Kid "I heard Crawley is a complete dive!"
Crawley Kid "It's really just the same as any other town"
ayon kay gbd463t ika-13 ng Abril, 2011
122 29
The baddest, tuffest, ruffest part of South East England.
Horsham Boy 1: "Come on mate, lets go to Crawley tonight"

Horsham Boy 2: "No Way mate, you must be mad, i dont wanna get jacked (starts crying) Pleeeeasssse no, i really dont wanna go *sob, sob*, nooooooooooo!!!!!"
ayon kay LondonBoyOnTour ika-28 ng Agosto, 2006
115 131
A concrete town, in South East England, with 13 different areas. Areas span from the humble ward of Broadfield, to the Maidenbower ward where SOME residents say: 'We are a village outside of Crawley'. The Memorial Gardens are a good place for getting drunk, beaten up, stabbed, buying drugs.

It's mostly Chavs (according to the Emos). The town is full of grandparents in their late 20s and boasts some of Europe's youngest mums.
Sussex Kid 1: I think I may go along to Crawley Town Centre for a piss up. You want to come with?

SussexKid 2: No! Don't do it! There's nothing there except crime!

*Crawley Kid Interrupts*

Crawley Kid: That's true! Give me your money!
ayon kay paedoproof ika-04 ng Disyembre, 2010
23 86
V, to aggressively and relentlessly pursue a love interest in a stalker like manner. It is important to note that said love interest is totally aware, and creeped out by the crawleying.
He met her at a bar and got her number, then crawleyed her for weeks by calling her every night
ayon kay Johanasberg ika-15 ng Disyembre, 2008
20 83
A town in the South East of England, about 28 miles South of London. Known for being a total dive and full of chavs and lowlifes. Everything is pretty shit, from the hospital to the Fastway bus service. It's made up of loads of different neighbourhoods, some rougher than others. The supposedly 'best' school in the area has had cocaine and replica gun incidents in the past couple of years, which gives you an idea of what the rest of them are like. Everyone speaks with a chavvy mockney accent.
Let's go to Crawley to buy some hash.
ayon kay RimmerChick ika-12 ng Mayo, 2009
43 107