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An individual who needs women like air.....every single female he sees is free game to hit on to the point of repulsion. Creepy smile, darting eyes, and exposed neck muscles when in full creeping form. Impossible to hang out with due to obsession with attempting to hit on opposite sex. This may sound appealing to be a wing man.....but be very careful as to not be connected to this individual in the minds of females.......guilt by association could be lethal. If you are looking for this individual check all old model vans...(especially with no windows in the back) and/or light colored Infinities.
I went to lunch with a Creepy McCreeperson and he offended the waitress to the point I know she spit in our food. What a creep.
ayon kay twan ika-16 ng Agosto, 2004
Someone who goes to Subway and sees a hot girl so he orders the same thing she orders. By doing this, the guy initiates conversation, then explains that it's cheaper to buy a foot long sub than it is to buy 2 six inch subs. When paying for the sub, the guy puts in $5 and the girl puts in $1, proving that it, in fact, was not cheaper for the guy, he was purely trying to hit on her. Moreover, the guy goes to his computer IMMEDIATELY when he gets home and seeks the girl out on Myspace, messaging different girls asking them if they were at Subway earlier. After finding said girl, the guy then proceeds to ask her out through myspace, on a date. All while he has a girlfriend on the side.
Erin: Shawn is a Creepy McCreeperson because he's constantly trying to fuck other girls while he's with Stephanie.

Aaron: I agree, she deserves way better than a Creepy McCreeperson like him and lots of guys ask her out and they'd all treat her better than he ever will. He's cheated or attempted to cheat on her like 5 times now.
ayon kay NotYourDreamGirlErin ika-03 ng Setyembre, 2008
One who lurks around dormitories staring into people's rooms while their door is open - pretending to be reading the funny thing posted on the door; Anyone who is in general creepy in some manner
"Don't look now, but I think Creepy McCreepersons is out in the hallway staring at us"

"What is that guy DOING? What a Creepy McCreepersons"
ayon kay Meg & Jackie ika-24 ng Pebrero, 2005
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