Dangerous Sperm Load
Baby, I'm coming home from the war. Get rid of the boyfriend 'cause I have a DSL and it's going to blow your head off.
ayon kay GI Joe in Iraq ika-25 ng Abril, 2007
Dick Sucking Lips when a humans lips are big from sucking dick
guy 1:dude u see that chicks DSL
guy2:yea but they arn't as big as yours
ayon kay dan boy ika-07 ng Setyembre, 2009
Dont Stop Loving..
she told me she wasnt ready for another relationship.. and i told her to find the one DSL
ayon kay Makay ika-22 ng Hulyo, 2009
dirty slovakian lips
dude, iv got some serious dsl's!
ayon kay i missed out ika-03 ng Hunyo, 2009
it means dick sucking lips
ayon kay word ika-03 ng Pebrero, 2005
Dicksuck Lane
Joey: Wow, my mom won't let me go out blazing tonight. What's wrong with her?
James: She must be a permanent resident of DSL.
ayon kay Leebro ika-09 ng Disyembre, 2009
an internet connection thats faster than dial-up and more affordable than cable.
i wasnt able to afford cable so I settled for DSL but anything is better than stupid dial up
ayon kay Razor the Angry Masta ika-31 ng Agosto, 2005

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