Often used to fuck with people and piss them off, sometimes said as if singing a song like "Deeez Naauuuts."
Shawty wanna ride wit me ride wit me crack d nauuts
ayon kay CrackDatNut ika-01 ng Nobyembre, 2004
guy:hey candiz
gurl:candiz what!?
ayon kay JORDAN LEWIS ika-28 ng Enero, 2004
well it means deez nuts. how hard is that?
gregs mom sucks on deez nuts!
ayon kay Garrett aka Deez Nuts ika-20 ng Marso, 2005
a joking way to get somone about deez nuts
me;dang they almost jumped me today
me;deez nuts but i cracked them
ayon kay max loving ika-09 ng Setyembre, 2004
A way of saying: OH SNAP YO! YO ASS GOT TOLD! or generally making the reciever look like an idiot.
Me: Hey, wanna settle an argument? Which are better, CD's or tapes?
You: Uhm, CD's.

Me: Hey, wanna settle an argument? Which are better, CD's or tapes?
You: Uhm, tapes.
Me: Tape DEEZ NUTS to your chin!
ayon kay DCrookZ ika-11 ng Nobyembre, 2003
make someone feel stupid
Me: ey yo, i might get a tatoo of the letter D on my back
You: why a d?
Me: 4 DEEZ NUTZZ!!!!
ayon kay k3v1n ika-14 ng Mayo, 2003
1 testicals
2 a way of saying mine
3 a way of teaching someone a lesson
1 she kicked me in deez nuts
2 you aint the king of deez nuts
3 a b c deez nutz and if aint get it you gonna get got
ayon kay gimpalicious ika-08 ng Mayo, 2003

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