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diffrent way of saying of the word "dawg" or "dog" its used to talk to someone without saying their name.
Damn derg, you mad as shit.
ayon kay c hayes ika-15 ng Marso, 2008
Someone that is an idiot or a wanker. Also has Irish links to red (hair)
Chyli's a derg because he stole that poster
ayon kay Sirdergalot ika-05 ng Disyembre, 2006
To have sexual intercourse
Candice: did you get dergs?
Catty:totally got dergs last night of tinder boy
ayon kay Brittles ika-15 ng Mayo, 2014
01 someone who lacks intelligence
02 a verbal expression of a brain fart
uh derg da derg derg derg?
ayon kay princesslg ika-31 ng Mayo, 2009
someone who speaks the derg language
dat nigga is the rillest durg forreal tho
ayon kay bobby ika-30 ng Enero, 2003
expressing annoyance. Like "ugh"
"derg, my mom wont let me go out tonight!"
ayon kay Sonia ika-21 ng Marso, 2005