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A game, web site or electronic device that one becomes obsessed with the use of. For a while, it becomes impossible to put down and you may suffer withdrawal if you have to go without it for any length of time.; Nintendo DS; Resident Evil 4
ayon kay Shalroth ika-15 ng Mayo, 2005

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A website ( run by crazed individuals, named for two elements crucial to any website: digital, and addictive, or crack.
"Dude, that site is like digital crack. You get on and you can't stop."
ayon kay Blah Doinks ika-23 ng Nobyembre, 2004
A song or game that puts someone into a state similar to one who is on Crack, but without it's use.
Daoc = Digital crack
Enya = Digital crack
ayon kay Travis D ika-04 ng Disyembre, 2003